LPE Education is located in the city of Coventry.

Annual Academic Calendar

Our classes generally start at 9am and finish at 5pm, although for different classes, times do vary.


LPE Education has a wide verity of a diverse staff. Both teaching and non-teaching staff, who are all available to help you enroll and succeed!

Student Testimonials

I was nervous that my English wouldn’t be improved as quickly as LPE had made it to be. I’m so relieved and happy!

Agneiszka, Poland

LPE is a fantastic college! Everyone was so helpful and the teachers were really professional and good!


Imad, Saudi Arabia

LPE has really helped me with all my needs. I was looking for a good college to study English in and I have found it.

Thank you



B1 Certificate for Immigration Purposes

IELTS Preparation Courses

Excursions and Trips