This course is designed for business professionals who have a desire to sharpen their existing English Language skills.

The dynamic structure of the course helps to meet personal language objectives at different levels.

Speaking skills are important for effective presentations, face-to-face communication, meetings, video conferencing, teleconferencing, and telephone conversations.


Speaking and Listening:

Speak to communicate straightforward and detailed information, ideas and opinions clearly. Learn to adapt your speech and content to take into account the listeners, medium, purpose and situation.

Listen and respond to spoken language, including extended information and narratives. Follow detailed explanations and multi-step instructions of varying length, adapting response to the speaker, medium and context.

Engage in discussion with one or more people in a variety of different situations. Learn to make clear and effective contributions that produce outcomes appropriate to purpose and topic.

Reading and Listening:

Read and understand a range of texts of varying complexity, accurately and independently. Read and obtain information of varying lengths and detail from different sources.

Write to communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly using length, format and style appropriate to purpose, content and audience.

To perform in a variety of work situations, including interviewing applicants, conducting appraisals, participating in meetings, notes taking, report writing, analysing the company’s performance.


Entry Requirements:

• Intermediate Level of English

• Age 18 and above